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Since its establishment in 1938, Nahdet Misr Group has had a clear vision about the importance of books and the integral rolethey play in cultural and educational enrichment. Nahdet Misr Publishing Solutions undertakes the publishing of Arabic books that help spread knowledge across to the masses, be them for children, youth, adults or seniors.


With constant focus on research and development, Nahdet Misr Group periodically improves on the methods of production and selection criteria for its publishing solutions. Offering a wide array of services, the Group is avidly involved in the publishing of books by world-renowned authors, as well as cooperating with the world’s biggest publishing houses including Disney Enterprises Inc., McGraw Hill, Cambridge University Press and DK, to name a few.


The book publishing solutions that are offered by Nahdet Misr Group include all phases of book creation, starting from content creation and translation, passing through to creative design and conceptualization, and ending with production, printing and distribution. The Group is deeply involved in the publishing of children’s literature, educational books and cultural writings for youth and adults who strive to enrich themselves with knowledge. Moreover, Nahdet Misr Group has translated, published and distributed books by globally recognized authors, aiming to transfer their rich knowledge into the region.


Nahdet Misr Group celebrates a long list of achievements where book publishing is concerned. A few of these achievements include:

* Producing more than100 titles for the visually impaired – using Braille method- and making them available for free
*Mass producing books for some of the Arab World’s most respected writers in varying genres, including fiction, science, religion, history and philosophy, to name a few. Among the authors who have been published by Nahdet Misr Group are Dr. Yussuf Idris, Yahya Haqqi, Anis Mansour, Al Aqqad, Al Ghazaly,Dr. Sohair Al Kalamawy, Ahmed Taymour, Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Badwy, Abdel Moniem Al Sawy, and many more
*Publishing award-winning books where more than 20 authors received the Country’s Appreciation and Motivational Award for books they published with Nahdet Misr Group
*Nahdet Misr Group focused on publishing distinguished titles for children and translated more than 1,000 titles from all over the world covering a wide range of topics, including history, ethics, science fiction, myths and legends
*The Group produced the Arabic version of the Harry Potter in 2000, as well as other Disney Enterprises Inc. Publications and The Smurfs
*Adding more than 130 new young and talented authors to the team of writers