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Nahdet Misr Publishing House

Established in 1938, Nahdet Misr Publishing House is the cornerstone of Nahdet Misr Group. Its prime aim is to provide valuable content for all segments of the society, raise public awareness and knowledge, and develop creative and intellectual potential within all individuals.

The company maintains a long history of collaborations with the most iconic authors and illustrators in Egypt and the Arab World; producing thousands of cultural and educational books for adults and children. It is also the exclusive provider of localized versions for the most favored children’s publications, such as Disney and National Geographic.

Since 1968, Nahdet Misr has been producing “Al Adwaa” educational series, supplementary books to the MoE; covering K-12. Throughout the years, and with the shift towards digital education, “Al Adwaa” currently offers integrated educational solutions that include printed books, a website and a mobile app, catering to the needs of students, parents and teachers.

In accordance to Egypt’s 2030 vision, the company has been collaborating with the Egyptian Ministry of Education (MoE) in developing the new curricula (2.0) for Arabic Language and Religious Studies. We started in 2018 with KG1 to Primary 1 evolving to Primary 3 in 2020/21. 2020/21 also witnessed the development of the new curriculum for Morals and Respecting Others for the first time in the Egyptian schools.

Nahdet Misr Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Established in 1998, Nahdet Misr AI provides world class digital learning services and educational software.

The company ventured into the digital age by establishing one of the largest CD/DVD replication facilities in Egypt. Following this era, Nahdet Misr AI started developing different cultural, educational and edutainment content for cross platforms.

Believing that education is not merely to educate the students at schools, but to create functional, studious and visionary citizens, we have always been keen to stay at par with the latest advancements in the educational sector together with the pedagogical development happening worldwide.

We take pride in developing different educational applications such as Al Adwaa, Rehlatie and “Speak Arabic – اتكلم عربى”, deploying the latest educational technologies, such as artificial intelligence and gamification, ensuring a personalized and engaging learning experience for users.

To be able to deliver second-to-none digital solutions, we have a dedicated team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, developers, UX, UI, data processors, quality control and proofreaders.

Nahdet Misr Periodicals

Established in 2004, Nahdet Misr Periodicals produces Arabic versions of the world’s most acclaimed entertainment magazines of Disney,
National Geographic and Nickelodeon for children and young adults.

Thanks to their diversified, entertaining and informative content, these series of magazines are the best-selling children’s publications in Egypt.

Nahdet Misr Trading and Distribution

Established in 2009, Nahdet Misr Trade and Distribution is the region’s agent for Disney World stationery and learning products. It supplies, distributes, imports and exports all the stationery, equipment and tools needed for educational facilities used by students and teachers.


Established in 2017, EdVentures, is MENA’s first corporate venture capital specializing in education and learning. EdVentures incubates, accelerates and
further invests in educational and cultural startups.

Being an integral part of the education system for more than eight decades, Nahdet Misr has always been keen to have a pivotal role in the development of an efficient educational sector. It has long recognized the existing challenges and strived to find ways to constantly support learners and the educational landscape on the national and regional levels.

It was quite clear for Nahdet Misr that in order to further solidify Egypt’s education system and support Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy
2030, the private sector has to invest heavily in education and EdTech; thus, came the inception of the first-of-its-kind corporate venture in the
Middle East.

NMG Global Works

Established in 2018, Nahdet Misr Global Works specializes in exporting and importing books, magazines and stationery around the globe, covering a wide network of distribution channels spanning from the MENA region, to Europe and USA.

Ta’heal for VET Skills

In 2021, and in order to provide solutions to unemployment based on demand-driven solutions to create a significant positive impact; Nahdet Misr founded Ta’heal for VET Skills Excellence, which is a niche service provider working with employers and governments to identify competencies and skills needed in accordance with national and international markets, to improve the availability and quality of potential and existing workforce.