Nahdet Misr

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Empowering Parentless Children through
Trainings and Skill-Building Programs

Being aware that parentless children have to leave their orphanages at the age of 18 and become completely self-dependent, Nahdet Misr collaborates with Wataneya Society for the development of Orphanages, to empower parentless youth and support them through different educational programs and trainings that would qualify them to enter the labor market and find job opportunities at the time they leave their foster homes.

Through Wataneya’s program, which is implemented under the name of “Their Education is their Support – علامهم هو سندهم” we contribute to the empowerment of hundreds of orphans through covering the cost of their educational and skill-building programs. Moreover, we also contribute in the enhancement of the qualifications of the caregivers working at the foster homes through training programs; thus, enabling them to better care for the children at the orphanages.