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Helping Children with
Hearing Impairment

Nahdet Misr is always keen on supporting projects and programs, which help avail education for every child. Hence, we work closely with Nida Association, a leading entity that specializes in supporting and educating children with hearing impairment and multiple disabilities in Egypt, to empower those children and prepare them to enter schools and have equal opportunities from early childhood.

We have contributed to the development of unified rehabilitative educational curricula approved by the Ministries of Social Solidarity and Education and Technical Education to be taught in schools. We also take pride in funding the establishment of two pre-schools for the children with hearing impairments; one in Ismailia and the other in Asyut.

During the COVID pandemic we launched “Together – معًا”an online program targeting the children’s parents so they would be able to help their children continue their learning process during the pandemic; ensuring their constant development. The program included a series of videos covering different topics, such as: auditory rehabilitation, reading skills, storytelling and grammar, math, artistic and kinetic activities, and family counseling programs. It also enabled parents to register their kids for IQ tests and academic evaluation free of charge. It also provided continuous follow-up with parents to provide feedback on children’s response to activities in order to develop advanced programs for them. The main channel of the program was social media platforms “Facebook” pages, “Zoom” program, “YouTube” channels, and parenting groups on “WhatsApp”.