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New Curricula
for Education Reform 2.0

Education Reform 2.0

In accordance to Egypt’s 2030 vision, NM collaborates with Egypt’s MoE in developing the new curricula (Edu Reform 2.0) for the Arabic Language, Religious Studies, and Morals (which is introduced for the first time in the Egyptian schools).

  • The new curricula are based on providing students with 21st century skillset; the most important of which are supporting their abilities to think critically and solve problems, as well as inculcate the concepts and abilities of communication, cooperation, creativity and innovation.
  • One of the most important features of the new Arabic language curricula is its reliance on strengthening students’ speaking and writing skills. This is done by using the language extensively through the presence of diverse and interesting content for students. It also introduces grammar within the context whereby the students apply it through various activities away from the old theoretical form.
  • Regarding the religion studies (Islamic and Christian); NM is keen to present it in a practicum way.It provides students with religious and moral information that is related to their real life and in line with the values of the general framework.
  • “The Morals and Respect for Others” curriculum aims to develop life skills and instills morals and values through fun and active learning to build balanced and creative personality of the Egyptian student.

The role of NM in the development process is represented through:

  • Developing the scope and sequence.
  • Developing the content. Developing the books’ design and layout in accordance to each age group.
  • Printing of books.
  • Developing teacher’s guide for all textbooks.
  • Professional development programs (training of teachers on the new curricula).