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Raising Awareness on Healthy Nutrition
in Collaboration with UNICEF Egypt

Since 2020, Nahdet Misr has been collaborating with UNICEF Egypt, through Al Adwaa book series, to raise the awareness of mothers and children about the importance of proper nutrition.

A variety of informative tips, about the importance of proper nutrition, provided by the UNICEF, are included in all Al Adwaa books, from K1-6, which equates to millions of copies annually. The campaign reaches millions of mothers empowering them with useful content to help them maintain their children’s health and growth.

In order to have a bigger impact, we also run campaigns on social media to further raise awareness on how to opt for a healthier life style of our children. Furthermore, we collaborate with prominent influencers in the area of nutrition such as Dr. Nourhan Kandil. Our campaigns reached more than 8 million users on facebook and 800K+ users on Instagram.