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Content &
Curricula Development

From Kindergarten to High School

Throughout more than seven decades NM has significantly contributed to the educational content of schools in Egypt and the Arab world. We have collaborated with Ministries of Education in Egypt and other Arab countries among which are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Sudan, and Djibouti to develop content for the mainstream education (K-12).


Nahdet Misr offers the most progressive pedagogy based on deep understanding of students and educators’ learning needs.

Content Development

Content is developed in accordance with a methodical procedure. Starting from developing the curriculum framework, to devising the scope and sequence, to the full creation of content and its validation by subject matter experts.

Teacher’s Guide & Assessment Materials

Ensuring the development of comprehensive educational solutions, we develop Teacher’s Guide and Assessment along with students’ curricula/textbooks to make the teaching/learning process meaningful and effective.

Latest Methodologies & Theories of Education

We deploy the latest theories of education and learning, ensuring fostering and developing the 21st century skills – critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration – taking into consideration the social and emotional development, and other key skills required for the vigorous development of the younger generations.


Design & Layout

Our role doesn’t stop at the development of the content as one of the key services, but we also offer the development of design and layout of the textbooks in accordance with the target age group.


Supporting online learning, we develop interactive digital curricula in different formats that include videos, 2D & 3D animation, graphic organizers, interactive questions, and infographics that present the content in formats that encompass learning styles and abilities.

Full Production​

Nahdet Misr owns one of the largest and most advanced print houses in the MENA region, with printing capacity of 1.25 million copies per day. Thus, textbooks are developed in mass production of the highest quality.

Arabic Language Proficiency

When it comes to developing content and curriculum in Arabic language, NM is certainly your right partner. We take pride in our more than eight decades of experience in cultural and educational content development in the Arabic language that helps provide high quality written and digital Arabic content.


Vocational Education

Nahdet Misr develops educational content for technical and vocational programs based on the needed competencies of the industrial sectors.

Vocational Education Curricula

Nahdet Misr”s subject matter experts and curriculum designers work on developing the following:





Scope & Sequence



Student’s Book

(Printed & Digital)


Teacher’s Guide

(Printed & Digital)


Professional Development Programs

(TOT, Product Training, Technical Training & Pedagogical Training)


Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language – TAFL

Arabic is one of six official languages of the United Nations and the fifth most spoken language in the world. This has raised demand for Arabic language learning solutions.

Nahdet Misr has developed printed books and mobile solutions that teach the Arabic language in a simplified and engaging way.

The programs don’t require a certain level of language proficiency, as it caters the needs of learners with the lowest levels of language proficiency to the highest ones.


Translation and Localization

Offering professional translation and localization services, Nahdet Misr was able to spread foreign knowledge in the Arabic across the Arab world, as well as introduce Arabic cultures to the world in their native languages. The company translates content from Arabic to English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Korean, Italian and Indonesian, among other languages.

Nahdet Misr has successfully translated into Arabic more than 1,000 titles belonging to many international well-known publishing houses, besides attaining their copyrights, such as Harry Potter series, Disney books and magazines, and National Geographic books and youth magazines.

It also has translated into Arabic the works of many world-renowned authors such as Noam Chomsky, Edward de Bono, Michael Morgan, David Ray Greeven, Roger Fisher, Danielle Shabeero, Christy Jeenman, John and Shirly Bain, Dr. Rosalin Glickman and Benjamin Spock.


Let’s help you empower your learners with engaging curricula and content​