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Al Adwaa Integrated Solutions

Misr has been publishing renowned supplementary books to the MoE curricula: Al Adwaa series which covers K – 12 courses for all subjects, including Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Education and English. The series includes more than 150 titles and is certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The series has proven to be an indispensable source of learning material for students, teachers and parents for the past five decades.

Throughout the years, and with the shift towards digital education, Al Adwaa has always remained a pioneer in offering the latest educational solutions. In 1998, Al Adwaa, presented, for the first time in Egypt, the educational CDs along with its books. In 2001, Al Adwaa launched its website, which is now one of the largest educational platforms in Egypt. In 2014, Al Adwaa introduced the “QR code” feature to link the book’s content to the website. In 2018, Al Adwaa presented a smartphone application that includes interactive educational content, pertinent to the Egyptian curriculum. In 2020, Al Adwaa further enhanced its app using the latest educational technologies, creating an integrated educational experience that promote online self-learning for students, teachers, and the parents for the first time in Egypt.  

What’s New in Al Adwaa Books

Al Adwaa series is relentlessly developing the educational content and the book structure and design to accommodate to specific educational goals. As a result, Al Adwaa has updated the content according to the new education system; (Edu Reform 2.0), which mainly aims at developing different life skills of the students. A number of new features have been added to the books such as “Continuous Assessment” to monitor the student’s performance and a new section for research projects.

Moreover, Al Adwaa has recently introduced a new series for KGs aligned to the MoE 2.0 system.  

Al Adwaa Digital Tools

In order to provide an interactive learning experience, NM has developed a set of electronic educational solutions for Al Adwaa, including:



Mobile Application

It has developed electronic content that includes:

Interactive Content and Explanation Videos

NM provides on Al-Adwaa website and application diverse electronic content, including explanation videos, animations, interactive questions, and many other electronic educational tools, through which the student can fully comprehend the educational material according to the learning style of each student.

Interactive Assessment

NM develops interactive assessment that helps students learn. It enables them to determine whether or not they understand the course material.


NM develops interactive flippable

Al Adwaa Math and Science books (G4-G6) to enhance student’s learning.

Huge Question Bank

NM develops up-to-date Question Bank (500K+) that enables students learning and development.

Al Adwaa Application

Al Adwaa Application was designed using the latest digital educational technologies with a goal to promote and encourage self-learning. The application provides diversified digital content such as explanation videos, animation, graphic organizers, projects, and interactive questions. All this in addition to various digital educational tools that help students understand the educational content regardless of their learning styles and abilities.

Al Adwaa application enhances students’ learning process and fosters self-learning process through the use of:

Rehalti Application

Rehlati is an online, gamication-based application that helps children from G1 to 3 with their educational courses. It teaches them the Arabic Language and soon it will cover math and other dierent subjects. The application includes an array of interactive videos, games, and activities that facilitate learning and make it fun for children. It is also useful for parents as it enables them to constantly monitor the performance of their children and track their progress and provide them with parenting content.

International Curricula and Programs

Cambridge University Press

Nahdet Misr is a distributor of Cambridge University Press (CUP) in Egypt; an international flagship that provides learning and research solutions worldwide. The company offers rich educational materials for both students and teachers in the ELT and international education. Its wide range of products cover a variety of diverse educational subjects ranging from professional books to textbooks, monographs, reference works, English language teaching publications, software and electronic publishing. Nahdet Misr provides these valuable educational solutions to schools and universities as well as training centers in Egypt. Nahdet Misr services also include professional development to teachers on the best utilization of Cambridge educational solutions to ensure the best deployment of such valuable teaching content.  

Cambridge Assessment English

Being an authorized center for Cambridge Assessment, Nahdet Misr offers Cambridge Assessment’s globally recognized qualifications and educational programs that give learners the confidence to demonstrate their English language proficiency and fulfill their potential. Cambridge Assessment provides educational programs and exams in 170 countries and to more than 20,000 institutions worldwide.  


The world’s largest children’s book publisher. This iconic international brand offers a variety of educational and entertainment products to be used in schools and at home. Scholastic Products include:
– Curriculum Books.
– Supplementary Books.
– Teacher and Parent Support Materials.
– Reading Programs (Digital & Printed).
– Teacher Resources.

Professional Development Programs for Educators
From Kindergarten to High School

Nahdet Misr provides professional educational development programs that aim to raise the skills of those in charge of the educational process and provide them with the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors necessary to perform their work effectively, and to hone their skills in accordance with the needs of the work. It introduces the up-to-date professional standards, latest teaching and learning methodologies that would enable the teachers and administrators to smoothly manage their classrooms and schools.

Programs are delivered in different formats:

  • Face to face
  • Synchronous online
  • Asynchronous (self-paced learning)
  • Online Blended

Areas of Training:

Customized Training Programs

A- Educators 

1- Continuous development “In-service” process for practitioners
2- Special subject training 

B- Educational leadership 

C- Early learning context

Ready to Use Training Kits

Al Sodaseya Al Zahabeya – Arabic Language Training Program 

Al Sodaseya Al Zahabeya is a unique training program that is designed for the Arabic language educators. The program enhances the proficiency and teaching skills of the Arabic language educators through “Six Key Areas” of teaching students: 

  • Reading & thinking.
  • Writing & expressing.
  • Questioning & discussing.
  • Reflecting.
  • Listening & speaking Communicating.


Short Videos that Provide educators with information about the latest learning and teaching methods. Enable parents to help their children to embark on a lifelong learning journey.

Readers Books

Nahdet Misr develops classified single editions and leveled series fiction and non-fiction readers for different age ranges.

life Skills Programs


Nahdet Misr is the exclusive distributor of ProtectEd, an international Canadian K – 12 structured and formalized safety curricula. ProtectEd encourages critical thinking skills, ensuring that students assess a situation, recognize any warning signs and consequently make safe and sound choices. The curricula cover six essential areas for child safetby, personal safety, physical safety, emotional safety, internet safety, anti-bullying ethics and healthy living.

ProtectEd program has been customized to meet the cultural and social realities of the Middle East and North Africa with themes directly relevant to the students’ lives.

Ruyah Character Education

Nahdet Misr is the exclusive distributor of Ruyah Character Education program, which has been developed by a group of educational experts managed by Ms. Nusaiba Abdelaziz Al Motawa.

Ruyah Character Education Program offers life skills and character building, where it posits the divine teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah, then transforms them into an instructional manner and skills that can be learned and practiced by the students. These manners are appropriate to the stage age and are derived from the student’s practical experience.

Kindergarten Programs

Al Adwaa KG

Nahdet Misr offers Al Adwaa series that includes books for KG teaching children how to read, write and speak. It also introduces them to shapes and counting.

Hekayet Horoufy

Nahdet Misr developed Hekayet Horoufy; an innovative series produced to teach children the Arabic language in an interesting and engaging manner.

Tailored for preschools, this creative content helps children develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing Arabic skills. Hekayet Horoufy is a twolevel program that includes a Student Book, Workbook and Interactive CD for the students; a Teacher Resources CD that includes a Teachers Guide, Flash Cards, Question Bank and Extra Resources for the advanced and delayed students at each level.

Horoufy Maa Zeina

Nahdet Misr provides an innovative Arabic curriculum that helps children in preschool to enhance their language skills. “Horoufy Maa Zeina” offers creative stories that feature Zeina – a giraffe – that experiences a lot of adventures.

These stories trigger the minds of young children and help them with their Arabic language skills. “Horoufy Maa Zeina” is a two-level program that includes a Student Book and a Workbook at each level.

Stationery & Supplies

Nahdet Misr supplies, distributes, imports and exports all the stationery, equipment and tools needed for educational facilities for students and teachers alike.

The company is the official producer and distributor of Disney World stationery products and school supplies in Egypt. Nahdet Misr owns an extensive network of distributors and a powerful fleet.

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