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Being an integral part of the education system for more than eight decades, Nahdet Misr has always been keen to have a pivotal role in the development of an efficient educational sector. It has long recognized the existing challenges and has strived to find ways to constantly support learners and the educational landscape on the national and regional levels.

It was quite clear for Nahdet Misr that in order to further solidify Egypt’s education system and support Egypt Vision 2030, the private sector has to invest heavily in education and EdTech; hence, came the inception of the first-of-its-kind corporate venture in the Middle East, “EdVentures”.

Established in 2017, EdVentures is MENA’s first corporate venture capital specializing in education and learning. EdVentures incubates, accelerates and further invests in educational and cultural startups.

Throughout the past five years, EdVentures has invested in 12 startups that have been recognized among the largest and most impactful startups in Egypt. Through diversified and advanced services, those startups were able to help enhance the skills of youth, enrich learning opportunities, and enable educational institutions to operate better through the deployment of latest technological solutions.

EdVentures in Numbers

EdVentures has supported over 60 startups and entrepreneurs in the area of education, EdTech, and cultural development.

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