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Publishing Solutions


Nahdet Misr has scored many notable achievements through publishing valuable content that gained the trust of Arab families.

Publishing solutions include all phases of book creation, starting with content creation and translation, passing through creative design and conceptualization, and ending with production, printing and distribution.

We have been publishing the work of great authors, intellects, and celebrities. To name, but not to list: Abbas Al-Aqqad, Yusuf Idris, Anis Mansour, Yahya Haqqi, Mostafa Amin, Gamal El Ghitany, Saleh Morsi, Sheikh Mohamed El Ghazali, Sohair Al Kalamawy, Ahmed Taymour, Reem Bassiouney, Ahmed Aboul Ghiet, Mostafa El Fekki, Isaad Younes, Medhat El Adl, Zahi Hawas, Youssef Zeidan, Khaled Habib, Mostafa Hosni and many others.

Nahdet Misr is zealous in its pursuit to offer valuable Arabic children literature that instills long-missed values and principles in our societies. Our variety of children cultural books feature some of the iconic writers for children in the Arab world including Yacoub El Sharouny, Affaf Tobbala, Fatma El Maadoul, Aisha Rafei, Samah Abou Bakr, Abeer Anwar, Adly Rizkallah, Rania Amin and others.

We have achieved significant milestones in the field of book publishing, of which are:

  • Production of the Arabic versions of the most acclaimed international series such as Harry Potter, as well as other Disney Publications, National Geographic and The Smurfs.
  • Expansion of the network of authors with more than 130 new young and talented ones.
  • Production of 10,000 books for the visually impaired. These books were made available free to charge.
  • Publishing award-winning books – more than 26 authors received the local, regional and international awards for their Nahdet Misr books.
  • Translation of titles from all over the world covering a wide range of topics, including history, humanities, science, literature (fiction and non-fiction).

Nahdet Misr collaborates with Disney Enterprises Inc. and National Geographic Society in translating, adapting, producing, and distributing Arabic versions of their global cultural and entertainment magazines in the Middle East.

We also distribute Nickelodeon’s different publications. All children magazines incorporate puzzles and games that help develop reading, writing and problem-solving skills in children, in addition to the introduction of art, traditions and customs, health, geography, history and literature in an attractive and entertaining way.

Magazines published in English

  • Cars
  • The Lion King
  • Brave
  • Monsters
  • Let’s Discover Princesses
  • National Geographic for Youth
  • Nickelodeon

Magazines published in Arabic

  • Disney’s Mickey & Super Mickey
  • National Geographic for Youth
  • Disney GameDisney Comics
  • Dracula
  • Mickey Pocket
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Princesses
  • Frozen
  • Tinker bell

Nahdet Misr’s printing house is considered as one of the largest and most advanced printing houses in the Middle East. The facility stretches over an area of 23,000m2, and is equipped with state-of-the-art printing equipment that include sheet-fed offset printing machines, with an annual production capacity of 200 million sheets, and roller (web) printing machines, with an annual production capacity of two billion and 250 thousand sheets. The facility’s printing capacity exceeds 1,250,000 books per day, while its annual production exceeds 435 million books and publications. The printing services Nahdet Misr offers accommodate all processes and stages of printing and are carried out using the most experienced calibers in the field.

Moreover, the company owns and operates advanced binding equipment of superb capabilities, as well as hard and soft book cover machines and paper stitching machines.

The printing house has set foot in the notebook manufacturing industry, where it has started manufacturing booklets and notebooks of various types and binding styles, including the saddle stitch stapler electric wire and spiral wire in a style and standard that match the market needs. The printing house has a large collection of auxiliary machinery, which are used in various operations that contribute to the exemplary output.

Such equipment includes:

  • Folding machines – fold printouts on the sheet fed offset printing machines

  • Lamination machines

  • Spot UV and embossing events machines.

  • Trimmers

  • Sewing binding machines.

  • Wrapping and strapping machines.

With a dedicated Quality Management department, our specialized experts use advanced systems to check, follow-up and observe the entire production process, ensuring that the end-product is consistent with the quality standards. Adopting such rigorous checks, Nahdet Misr’s Print House has successfully attained globally recognized quality certifications, including:

  • ISO Certificate of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001)

  • ISO Certificate of Environmental Management (ISO 14001)

  • ISO Certificate of Health & Safety (ISO 45001)

  • Certificate of occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001)

Translation and localization

Offering professional translation and localization services, Nahdet Misr was able to spread foreign knowledge in Arabic language across the Arab world, as well as introduce Arabic cultures to the world in their native languages. Nahdet Misr translates content from Arabic to English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Korean, Italian and Indonesian, among other languages.

We have successfully translated into Arabic and attained the copyrights of more than 1,000 titles of international renowned publishing houses, such as Harry Potter series, Sons of Blood and Bones, Goosebumps, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Spock, Disney magazines and National Geographic books and youth magazine. Moreover, we translated into Arabic the works of many world-renowned authors such as Noam Chomsky, Edward Bono, Michael Morgan, David Ray Greeven, Roger Fisher, Danielle Shabeero, Christy Jeenman, John and Shirly Bain, Dr. Rosalin Glickman and Benjamin Spock.

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