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Software Development

Mobile Applications

Nahdet Misr possesses solid experience in developing educational, edutainment and ecommerce apps deploying the latest technologies.

When developing educational applications, we present an array of features that cater to the needs of users. Our solutions heavily deploy artificial intelligence; offering the below aspects:

Personalized learning experience according to the learning style of each student.

  • Data analysis and students’ performance reports.
  • Automatic recommendation of educational content based on students’ performance.
  • Automatic generated summaries and smart search for answers.
  • Proactive content caching.
  • Question bank with interactive automatic assessment and correction feature.
  • AI -powered augmented reality.
  • Virtual teacher and content enrichment and generation.
  • Pronunciation correction.
  • SEN (Special Educational Needs).
  • Entertainment features based on artificial intelligence such as; transforming text into animated scenes.


Authoring tool

Nahdet Misr offers a cloud-based solution for developing and managing digital content. This authoring tool enables educational entities to create digital content through the availability of more than 50 different templates that can be used to generate a variety of digital learning objects in multi formats, and to combine subject explanations with assessment. This tool also helps users to create tailor-made content for SEN (Special Educational Needs) students. Moreover, it offers Arabic language enabled content.

Nahdet Misr’s authoring tool is designed to develop and manage digital content through the following features:

Reference Projects

Learning & Content Management System

Nahdet Misr presents LCMS (Learning and Content Management System) that offers integrated educational and e-learning services to enable educational organizations, ministries, schools and universities to digitize their educational process and deliver more enhanced and impactful learning experience.

The LCMS features enable users to:

  • Be in control of system administration.
  • Configure solution as per organization’s needs. 
  • Create unified metadata for solution running. 
  • Manage content development in different digital formats (more than 50 different templates to generate learning objects). 
  • Develop and manage educational courses. 
  • Teach courses in virtual classrooms. 
  • Create tests and exams through “Question Bank Generator”. 
  • Utilize “Gamification”. 
  • Assess the students’/users’ performance and track their progress. 
  • Deploy “Artificial Intelligence” and “Adaptive Learning”. 
  • Curate links and resources from around the web. 
  • Generate progress reports. Facilitate direct communication between educators and students. 
  • Accommodate special needs. 
  • Integrate with other LMS & LCMS.

Reference Projects

We can help you enrich your digital content and remain at the forefront of technological advances