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Vocational Education

Ta’heal for VET Skills

In 2021, and in order to provide solutions to unemployment based on demand-driven solutions to create a significant positive impact; Nahdet Misr founded Ta’heal for VET Skills Excellence, which is a niche service provider working with employers and governments to identify competencies and skills needed in accordance with national and international markets, to improve the availability and quality of potential and existing workforce.

Ta’heal’s primary services include:

  • International accredited vocational training programs for existing workforce.
  • Assessment of existing occupations and enhancement of workforce skills to improve value chain.
  • Training of existing training staff and HR.
  • Creative learning solutions for workforce in remote areas.
  • System setup to monitor workforce progress vis a vis changing skills trends.
  • Public-Private Partnership facilitation and management.

Nahdet Misr Printing Academy

Recognizing the importance of the enhancement of vocational education in Egypt and its crucial role in economic and social development, the Group established Nahdet Misr Printing Academy in 2016. The academy aims at upgrading vocational education in the field of printing; thus, providing youth with the required skills for this job.

Located in 6th of October City, Nahdet Misr Printing Academy accepts post-preparatory students offering them vocational education in printing technology for three years. Upon graduation, students acquire an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Industry, where they can enroll afterwards at any of the specialized technical colleges or institutes.

Nahdet Misr has developed a thoughtfully-prepared curriculum for its academy that includes both theoretical education and practical training. The printing academy has a team of experienced highly-skilled engineers and technicians responsible for teaching and training the students on all printing and maintenance services. Through its printing academy, Nahdet Misr aspires addressing a pressing need for the provision of skilled labors in the field of printing and helping youth to acquire employment opportunities.

Nahdet Misr Applied Technology School for Sustainable Tourism

Nahdet Misr Applied Technology School will begin operating in 2023/2024 as the first green school for sustainable tourism with international accreditation, providing more than 1,200 jobs for graduates inside and outside Egypt in the tourism and hospitality sectors during the first three years.

Ta’heal for VET Skills Excellence will be the education partner to manage the school to meet international qualifications that will enable students to gain EU-recognized diplomas through Finland’s Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP).

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